Is your washing machine is not washing, agitating or tumbling?

If your washing machine is not washing, agitating or tumbling make sure that the lid or the door is closed and that the water taps are open, make sure the fill hoses are not kinked between the wall and the washer

If your washing machine is not draining ensure that the door or the lid is closed, in addition, do check the drain hose for any bends or kinks and make sure the unit is not pushed to far into the wall as this will result in kinks and bends in the drain pipe.

If your washing machine is noisy, ensure that the machine is sitting steady on the ground and that it is leveled correctly.  Make sure that there are no objects placed on top of the unit or leaning against it on either side such as brooms, mops etc. as sometimes common objects such as these result in vibrating sounds.  Also check the fill hose as well as the drain hose to make sure they are not causing unwanted noises by hitting the machine during spin cycles.

If your washing machine is not washing your clothes properly be sure to use the recommended amount of soap by the manufacture.  Many washing machines today require high efficiency soaps, using regular soaps in high efficient machines may result in the creation of extra suds which will leave you with either a poor wash or a machine that won’t fully drain.

It is recommended that you replace the fill hoses every five years, nowadays there is a variety of fill hoses available such as stainless steel hoses and fabric hoses.

If you have a unit with a filter, be sure clean it after every use.  For any further assistance please call Rob at (905)-426-7575.

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