Tips to keep your refrigerator running efficiently and save you money

When it comes to the regular maintenance of your refrigerator, the first thing you want to look into is the condenser coils. If your condenser is full of debris such as dust or pet hair your compressor will be overworking itself to harder extents than usual to keep temperature levels right. Be sure to clean the condenser especially if your condenser coils are located underneath the refrigerator. To do so, remove the kick plate from its two clips and vacuum the condenser or use a long brush to do the job.

Clean the condenser at least once a year, if you have a pet it is recommend you do so twice a year. By simply doing this, the compressor will run smoothly and the coils will be able to breathe with ease. This will ensure that your machine works efficiently; moreover, it’s a great way to keep your hydro bill consistent.

In most refrigerators, the cooling process takes place in the freezer section of the unit, the fan is usually the instrument that blows the cold air into the fridge section through an air vent whether either it’s a top freezer, bottom freezer or a side by side unit. To ensure that this process is running proficiently, make sure your air vent is not blocked with any objects such as a grocery bag or a large juice container. Even the slightest blockage near the vent will result in longer cycle periods, it is crucial to not to have any restrictions by the vent.

A good door gasket is an extremely important aspect of any fridge or freezer. It is best to check for any cracks, bends or damaged corners regularly. Make sure the door gasket is fitted closely and tightly to ensure that no cold air is escaping and that no warm air is migrating into the unit.

Clean the door gasket three to four times a year with all-purpose cleaner or mild soap and water. Make sure to leave no excessive remains on the gasket.

Most units today have an ice and water dispenser as well as a water filter. Be sure to replace the water filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Most units have a reminder light or a reminder display. If you replace the filter on a recommended schedule, you will not experience stale tasting water or unusual ice aromas. If you do not use the ice from the ice maker on a regular basis, empty the ice bucket every month to prevent snow-like residue or unusual tastes.

It is always a great idea to cover your food to lock in its freshness in addition to doing so, keep some baking soda or some fresh ground coffee beans to keep everything fresh.

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