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Appliance Repair Scarborough – Do you need an appliance repair? Whether your washing machine is leaking from the bottom or you need refrigerator repair services, then Appliances City Wide is here! Our certified and trained team of technicians can diagnose any problem quickly so that it doesn’t keep breaking down time and time again. We repair all appliances, new and old or big and small. So if your appliance has been giving you troubles, Appliance City Wide will be there with tools and top technicians within no time.

We understand the investment that goes into buying appliances and the disruption it causes in your everyday life when it stops working. With over 20+ years of experience, we know how to repair your appliance quickly without breaking your budget or schedule. We offer quick, same day repairs and consultations.

Best Appliance Repair Service Scarborough

As appliance technology is always changing, our team is always updating their knowledge on the latest make and models. Our team consists of technicians who are fully trained and licensed, so you can rest assured that your appliance repair is in good hands. Appliances City Wide is committed to providing customers with the highest level of customer service and appliance installation expertise. We are also committed to professional and friendly service, keeping your budget and schedule in mind.

24/7 Appliance Repair Service in Scarborough

We’re available 24/7 for regular and emergency installations. Our technicians can diagnose your appliance issue quickly, get to work right away making any necessary repairs or ordering a new unit whenever needed! Your budget is our priority. We make sure to offer reasonable prices for repairs so that you can get the job done quickly and easily without breaking your bank account in order to accomplish this goal!

Appliance Installation Service Scarborough

When you need an appliance installation or the time has come to replace one, we know how crucial it is that your team provides fast and friendly service. A good installation will make sure everything goes smoothly without any issues along the way.

Appliances City Wide is the team to call when you need expert installation services for all major appliances.  Our team is fully certified in gas, electrical, and plumbing services so you can feel confident that your new appliance is being installed by a qualified technician

Same Day Appliance Repair Service Scarborough

We offer same-day service, so you can feel confident knowing any appliance installation is available around your schedule. Our technicians are on call seven days a week and arrive with tools in hand to begin work right away. With more than 10 locations across Toronto and the GTA, getting your appliance installed quickly and professionally has never been easier.

Appliance Repair Service Evaluations

We offer estimates on all appliance repairs over the phone, and comprehensive quotes onsite. Our technicians are knowledgeable, experienced, and respectful; they will walk you through your appliance diagnosis and the repair process so you understand what has to happen step-by-step.

No Hidden Charges

Our technicians walk clients through quotes in detail, so you understand what you are being charged for and why. You will never experience any hidden fees or charges with Toronto Appliances Repair. We pride ourselves on being straightforward, efficient, and professional.

Licensed & Insured Technician

Sometimes accidents happen – it’s a fact of life. Our company and technicians are fully licensed and insured, so if anything goes wrong while we are servicing your dishwasher, dryer, oven, or other appliances, it’s covered and you don’t have to worry about paying additional expenses.

Qualified Appliance Repair Experts Scarborough

The staff at Appliances City Wide are highly trained, skilled, and experienced. No matter how complex an appliance issue may seem, our staff has seen it all and knows how to fix it – fast.

The Best Appliance Repair Advice

Sometimes it’s simply not worth it to fix an appliance. Our technicians always give honest advice and multiple options, so you can make the best decision based on your needs and budget.

We Work According Your Schedule

We don’t want to inconvenience you any further, so our technicians work around your schedule. Our repair techs arrive when scheduled, work promptly, and leave your home in perfect, clean condition.

Appliance Repair Service You Can Count On

When an appliance breaks down, it can disrupt your entire life. There’s no need to panic though – just put (416) 690-7001 in your phone and know that we are here to serve you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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