A few simple tips to keep your appliances working efficiently and effectively

At Appliances Citywide we understand the importance and value of your appliances; we also understand they are a part of your home décor; we want to keep them intact by ensuring that your appliances are working efficiently and effectively.  Here are a few tips for your appliances to keep them running smoothly.


Be sure to clean the condenser twice a year.


Remember to clean any excessive oil or grease after cooking as baked on grease marks tend to become permanent.  For your safety, make sure the unit is cool enough to touch.

Washing Machine:

Make sure your washing perfectly leveled.  An unleveled machine may result in loud noises during spin cycles or it may start to walk which could potentially cause water tap breakages.


It is recommended that you clean the filter after each load, furthermore, make sure that it is correctly leveled.


Be sure to rinse your dishes before placing them into your dishwasher, this will ensure that no big chucks of leftover food reside in your unit.  Keep in mind that no hard objects such fine bones or seeds should make it into your dishwasher.


Remember to clean your microwave with a damp cloth once a week, especially at the top.  Use a cover when heating any liquid foods such as soup to prevent spillage.  For any further information, please contact your owner manual.

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